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Behind The Scenes

Johnny Drama and his Funky Entourage is getting ready for the Celebration of Plymouth 400 in 2020 with their own versions of some of Candido’s songs from “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock.” Actor Johnny Drama Alves a native of Plymouth MA who stars on A&E’s Wahlburgers” show leads the band.

Check out this Behind The Scenes recording of a rehearsal of Drama singing the Theme Song “Have You Ever Visited Me?” with his sister Elizabeth Alves.


Here’s another Behind The Scenes rehearsal. This time it’s of Song #10 “Protect This Rock” sung by everybody in the Funk Lab including Johnny’s young daughter. Note: In the book the Town Fathers of Plymouth MA move to protect Plymouth Rock from souvenir hunters.

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Karaoke video of Plymouth Rock song

Presenting our first Plymouth Rock karaoke video! We intend to create more karaoke videos as we go along. “Have You Ever Visited Me” (sung by the Rock itself) is the theme song of “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock”.

I’ve never made a karaoke video before. How did I do?

Plymouth Rock tells the story of the Arrival of the Pilgrims in The Secrets of Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock Karaoke Video

The karoake video can help children to more quickly learn the words to the songs. If you would like us to make a karaoke video of a particular song from the show please let us know. We hope you’ll share this page on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. When you do you’ll help 3rd grade children from sea to shining sea rock their knowledge of Plymouth Rock while rockin’ a karaoke video.

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Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock is center stage on It’s been almost one hundred years since the last big celebration in Plymouth Massachusetts for the Arrival of the Pilgrims, and the planning of the 400th anniversary is well underway at Plymouth 400. We think a celebration this grand requires song. We have created a fun way to celebrate Plymouth Rock and the Arrival of the Pilgrims at your school. It’s called, The Secrets of Plymouth Rock Assembly based on Diane L Finn and Erin Finn Zell’s “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock”. The story is told by the Rock itself.