For Kids

Welcome to the Plymouth Rock “For Kids” page.

How do you make Plymouth Rock=Fun?

“The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” storybook is a great place to start! Mix in characters like Madame Crab, Mr. Seagull, throw in some music and dancing and you’re off to the races! Maybe it’s the beat, maybe it’s the rhymes, maybe it’s All of the Above. Whatever it is its FUN! It’s been proven the combination of music and academics produces a deeper more powerful understanding of any given subject. Diane Finn and her daughter Erin created a Plymouth Rock that speaks to the child within all of us. It spoke to me and looked what happened. I was inspired to write 12 songs. In “Rockin’ The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” kids can have fun singing and dancing “while they learn Early American History.”

The kids singing on the recordings are not professional singers. These are regular, everyday kids from Plymouth Massachusetts who wanted to be a part of something fun! And a lot of Fun they had at actor Johnny Drama Alves’ Funk Lab in Plymouth. 9 of the songs they were Plymouth Rock and 3 of the songs they were the Pilgrims!

“Secrets To Tell” – The Rock sings about its beginning of time existence.
“Fine Day” – The Rock sings about all the wonderful possibilities each new day holds. Thanksgiving!
“Mr. Seagull” – The Rock sings to a seagull. Religious freedom!
“Madame Crab” – The Rock wants to learn how to dance. Self-Governance!
“A Speck in the Distance” – The Rock sings about a curious “Speck” on the ocean. Innovation, Religious Expression!
“Thank The Lord For This Large Rock” – The Pilgrims sing about exploration and thanksgiving!
“To Town Square” – The Pilgrims sing about moving the Rock uptown. Self-Governance!
“Ouch Stop That” – The Rock sings its way out of a bad situation. Self Preservation!
“Protect This Rock” – The Pilgrims sing about…Protecting the Rock. Self preservation!
“Sights and Sounds of the Sea” – The Rock sings about all the amenities at its former location. Religious Expression!
“New and Wonderful Home” – The Rock sings about the new house at its old address. Immigration!
“Have You Ever Visited Me?” The Rock sings about folks coming to visit. Immigration!