Plymouth Rock Comes To Life!

Welcome to, home of Rockin’ The Secrets of Plymouth Rock music perfect for the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving 1621-2021. Listen as 28 Plymouth, Massachusetts elementary students sing their hearts out as the “Voice of Plymouth Rock” on an album 400 years in the making! Singing are students from Cold Spring, Nathaniel Morton, West, South, Federal Furnace, and Hedge elementary schools. Plymouth Rock, the steppingstone of America’s forefathers located on Plymouth, Massachusetts’ waterfront, receives an average of one million visitors each year. The music and lyrics combined humanize the rock in a way never heard before, beginning when it was a lonely, glacier deposit.

Based on the storybook “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” by Diane Finn, the album is an international display of talent featuring the orchestration of three South Korean Berklee College of Music seniors and the instrumentation of three Japanese Berklee College of Music seniors. The creation of the album based on a storybook by Diane Finn was an amazing feat that took over two years to complete. Bretto has provided the students with an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime and a personal donation of $1,200 to the Plymouth Public Schools elementary music program.

We hope you will help support the African American songwriter Candido Bretto by purchasing his album. This album reflects the America the pilgrims dreamed of, where people from around the world of different nationalities could come together and be a part of creating something beautiful, no matter the color of their skin or religious beliefs.

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