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Teachers, students, parents, and Early American history enthusiasts, welcome to PlymouthRock.org! It has become increasingly important that the screen time children are consuming is healthy, educational, and impacting a child's development in a positive way.  PlymouthRock.org's goal is to deliver the story of the pilgrims and Plymouth Rock in a fun, unique way for kids and adults. This elementary play is an adaptation of a story, "The Secrets of Plymouth Rock" written by Diane Finn, who was a Plymouth elementary school teacher for over 30 years. Her book is for sale at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) and Plimoth Patuxet, both located in Plymouth but if you'd like a special signed copy, follow this link to Diane's website, thesecretsofplymouthrock.com.

The original songs by Candido Bretto, are sung by twenty-eight 4th and 5th graders who actually live in America's Hometown, Plymouth, MA, students from Cold Spring, Federal Furnace, Hedge, West, Nathaniel Morton, and South elementary schools! The students, accompanied by their parents gave up two Saturdays in May 2019, (before the pandemic) to record at a local Plymouth recording studio. They put on headphones and sang their hearts out under the direction of 6 music teachers from 6 Plymouth elementary schools who also donated their time!

We’d like to thank the teachers. Alphabetically by school they are:

Cold Spring Elementary - Katherine Krampf
Federal Furnace Elementary - Taylor Nardone (lead)
Hedge Elementary - Alexandra Macisso
Nathaniel Morton - Kristin Fonseca
South Elementary - Karen DeVoe
West Elementary - Christina Friedmann

A Plymouth teacher and her students go on a fieldtrip
to see Plymouth Rock and the rock comes to life.
It tells them about the Pilgrims from its point of view!

You can show your support for this activity created
especially for Plymouth's children by purchasing the CD.

The album features the talents of 3 musicians from South Korea and 3 musicians from Japan, all seniors from the Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

The South Korean Orchestrators

Haegal Hwang - South Korea
JongHa (Jacob) Kang - South Korea
Sowon Lim - South Korea

The Japanese Musicians

Yuki Kodama - Bass - Japan
Yuki Monolog Kanesaka - Drums - Japan
Yohei Kambe - Drums - Japan

Special guest New York Jazz Guitarist:
Ricky Howard - Electric Guitar on Madame Crab

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