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Here in Plymouth, MA we’re celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Landing of the Mayflower. At PlymouthRock.org we recognize the problems schools are facing this year with the pandemic. We’re are doing our part to help by offering huge discounts on our products and offering this online version of our early American elementary Play “Rockin’ The Secrets of Plymouth Rock”. The online version can be rehearsed during a Zoom classroom meeting. The accompaniment is performed by 28 students from 6 Plymouth, MA elementary schools; Cold Spring, Nathaniel Morton, West, South, Federal Furnace, and Hedge!

During a zoom meeting, students simply open a new browser window to display this page. Teachers can delegate character roles to students.

The Zoom Classroom

Zoom classrooms can be recorded, downloaded, and played back for an audience’s enjoyment at a later date. When you record a meeting and choose Record to the Cloud, the video and audio are recorded in the Zoom cloud. The recording files can be downloaded to a computer or streamed from a browser. Note: … Zoom also offers local recording, which saves the recording files to your computer.

The Rules in Brief

1. Do NOT photocopy, scan, or otherwise duplicate any part of the Play.

2. Do NOT alter the text of the Play, change a character’s gender, delete any dialogue, cut any music, or alter any objectionable language, unless explicitly authorized by PlymouthRock.org.

3. DO provide the required credit to the author(s) and the required attribution to PlymouthRock.org in all programs and promotional literature associated with any performance of this Play.

For more details on these and other rules, see Terms and Conditions.

Cast Of Characters

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Rockin’ The Secrets of Plymouth Rock
A Narrative by Tyler Ferreira

Based on the Storybook
The Secrets of Plymouth Rock 
by Diane L. Finn

And Music
by Candido Bretto

Elementary students talk in groups as the teacher
shuffles through papers at her desk.
One student sits alone. 


Alrighty everyone, to your seats please.
I have a special lesson planned for today
based on the history that took
place in this very town!

The students settle in at their desks. 

Before we begin, I’d like to welcome
our new student, Abigail.

The class turns to the student
who was sitting alone. 

Abigail’s family just moved back to
Plymouth from Florida. Let’s make
her feel at home, can we say hello?
Hi Abigail. 

Umm, actually everyone just calls me Abby. 

Hi Abby. 

  Alrighty, now let’s get to it. Today we’re gonna
learn about Plymouth Rock and the history
that took place in our own backyard. 

You mean the rock in the cage downtown? 

Hey, Will, let’s try raising our hand next time
before asking a question, ok? But yes, I’m talking
about the rock on the waterfront,
and it’s not in a cage. It’s a monument.
Have you all visited the rock before? 

Most of the students nod. 

Do you all know the story behind the Plymouth Rock?

Fewer students nod.

Well, it’s ok if you don’t,
because we’re all going on a
field trip to visit the rock!  EXT. PLYMOUTH ROCK - DAY  The class gathers around their teacher and the group looks down at Plymouth Rock.  TEACHER So, I’m sure you’ve all been here before, but would you believe this big rock hasn’t always been in this spot?  STUDENT 1 It hasn’t? How can a rock move?  TEACHER We’ll get to that. First, we have to look back into history for the answer.
Play Song #1: Secrets To Tell