Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock Comes To Life!

If Plymouth Rock could talk, what would it say? In the children’s storybook “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” the Rock indeed talks. It tells the story of the Arrival of the Pilgrims. Most importantly young audiences in Massachusetts are learning not only does the Rock talk…it sings! Singer/Songwriter Candido Bretto (as the Rock) takes students on a rockin’ musical journey from cover-to-cover of the book with 12 original songs. The Rock sings about hope, optimism, survival and self awareness.

“The songs are adorable! I think you’re onto something.” -Jazz singer Rebecca Parris

Written by a Teacher for her Students

Author Diane L. Finn a Plymouth elementary school teacher of 30+ years, wrote a curriculum with the Plimoth Plantation to teach about the Pilgrims. “I wrote the book as a way to teach young children on our tours when they visited Plymouth Rock.” Diane was referring to “Colonial Lantern Tours” which she owned and operated for many years along with the Plymouth Rock Trolley Company in Plymouth.

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks requires 3rd grade students to learn about the Pilgrims. Therefore, The Secrets of Plymouth Rock could be the perfect assembly in 2020 while America celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Pilgrims.

The music CD (sung by children from Plymouth MA) based on the book is coming in Summer 2019.