Plymouth Rock Assembly


The Secrets of Plymouth Rock songs!

1. Have You Ever Visited Me – “I’m the proudest little Rock you’ve ever seen”.

2. Secrets To Tell – “Tick tock turn back the clock in Plymouth for a spell”.

3. Fine Day – “Fine Day! Fine day! Smiling all my troubles away.”

4. Mr. Seagull – “Mr Seagull don’t you wanna Rock with me?”

5. Madame Crab –  “If I could move like that, I would show my mom and dad.”

6. A Speck In The Distance – “Is it an angel come down from heaven?”

7. * Thank The Lord For This Large Rock – “We can all go ashore without getting wet socks!” Sung by “The Pilgrims”

8. * To Town Square – “Yes of course it’s the perfect spot, cuz there the Rock will be seen alot”. Sung by “The Pilgrims”

9. Ouch Stop That! – “It’s very clear, you want a souvenir.”

10. * Protect This Rock – “Although it’s just made of granite, there’s nothing like it on the planet”. Sung by “The Pilgrims”

11. Sights and Sounds of the Sea – “Waves crash onto the shore. Whoosh! Splash! Sounds I adore”.

12. New And Wonderful Home – “I’m on the ocean again. I’m back with all of my friends”.

* Denotes songs your students can learn to sing as The Pilgrims. Click to purchase the hardcover book.