A Mayflower Medallion Adorns Plymouth Rock’s Enclosure

Visiting the Mayflower?


Plymouth Rock News you can use. If you plan to visit the Mayflower II take a second to enjoy this little gem at Plymouth Rock. Since April 2017 I have found myself visiting Plymouth Rock for songwriting inspiration. During a recent visit I saw these medallions. They look like they’re made of bronze to me. I could be wrong though. I was amazed with all the detail. In the center of course is the Mayflower, at the top you see puffy clouds, to the left are 3 seagulls and along the bottom is the ocean. I was delighted with this find. I’m sure you will be too. I don’t know who the artist was but I can tell you it was designed about 100 years ago which brings me to a related subject.

The Mayflower Medallion

The Plymouth 400 celebration is right around the corner. I began wondering how many tourists visiting the Rock missed these works of art. I certainly didn’t notice them before. That’s why I wrote this article.