The Landing of the Pilgrims

As the celebration of the Landing of the Pilgrims approaches we think about the Pilgrims and their 400 year old story. The Landing of the Pilgrims told by Plymouth Rock itself is what The Secrets of Plymouth Rock and we’re all about here at It’s an Early American story about a group of individuals in search of a better way of life. Did they find it? Most did, others perished sadly during the first year. Landing in Plymouth was a big thing but surviving in The New World? Well, that was another and to survive the cold, long Winter the Pilgrims needed the help of the Wampanoag Tribe. “Rockin’ The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” mentions the Wampanoag lyrically in the 1st song, 01 MP3 Secrets To Tell (karaoke). This has been done deliberately.

Remember The Wampanoag Way.