A New Plymouth Rock Song

Plymouth Rock has a new Plymouth Rock Song and it’s called Have You Ever Visited Me? It was written by Candido Bretto. Take a listen to 4th and 5th graders from Cold Spring Elementary School of Plymouth, Massachusetts as they sing it.

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Copyright 2017 Candido Bretto

Have you ever visited me in Plymouth, Massachusetts?
I’m the proudest little rock you’ve ever seen
Wanna pop on by feel free, you don’t need an invitation
To see my rockin’ place in history

I’m smaller than I once was, yet I’m stronger and it’s because
The folks in Plymouth take great care of me

I’ve got a house down by the sea, I’d love your company
I’m Plymouth Rock, have you ever visited
Well if not, do consider it
What a spot, have you ever visited me?

What do you think about the kid’s performance and the new Plymouth Rock song? We think they were great and so is the song. But of course, we’re a little biased as we feel the words and music came directly from the rock and the pilgrims through a force of nature yet to be understood by man LOL. More on that later.

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