A New Plymouth Rock Song

Plymouth Rock has a new Plymouth Rock Song and it’s called Have You Ever Visited Me? It was written by Candido Bretto. Take a listen to 4th and 5th graders from Cold Spring Elementary School of Plymouth, Massachusetts as they sing it.

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Copyright 2017 Candido Bretto

Have you ever visited me in Plymouth, Massachusetts?
I’m the proudest little rock you’ve ever seen
Wanna pop on by feel free, you don’t need an invitation
To see my rockin’ place in history

I’m smaller than I once was, yet I’m stronger and it’s because
The folks in Plymouth take great care of me

I’ve got a house down by the sea, I’d love your company
I’m Plymouth Rock, have you ever visited
Well if not, do consider it
What a spot, have you ever visited me?

What do you think about the kid’s performance and the new Plymouth Rock song? We think they were great and so is the song. But of course, we’re a little biased as we feel the words and music came directly from the rock and the pilgrims through a force of nature yet to be understood by man LOL. More on that later.

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28 Students, 6 Schools, 2 Days, 1 Rock

On Saturday May 4 and Saturday May 11, 2019 some Plymouth elementary school students got an opportunity to see what it was like to sing in a professional recording studio. 28 students from Cold Spring, Nathaniel Morton, West, South, Federal Furnace and Hedge elementary schools took part in a recording project of Candido Bretto’s called “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock.” Candido composed 12 songs based on a storybook of the same name written by Diane Finn and illustrated by Erin Finn Zell. The students were recorded singing at Johnny Drama Alves’ Funk Lab recording studio located here in Plymouth. EdTV was there also capturing video for future airing.

“From the time I began writing the songs I knew they needed children to be complete. It’s like a dream come true to hear all of their sweet, precious voices.” -Candido Bretto

A big “thank you” goes out to all of the music teachers. You saw the importance of this project and took time out of your personal lives to make this recording project happen. A special “thank you” goes to Taylor Nardone of Federal Furnace elementary school for enthusiastically presenting the project to the schools. Taylor was there for each school’s performance and assisted in many ways so “Thank you Taylor!”

A great big “thank you” goes out to the parents who willingly gave up a couple of hours on a Saturday to bring their child to the studio. Last but not least, thank you to all of the students. I had so much fun watching you in front of the microphones in the Funk Lab. You made me laugh, made me cry but most of all made me proud and you should be proud too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the new voice of Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims. From what I’ve heard thus far folks will be enjoying your voices for a long time to come.

You can hear snippets of the students as they are added to our Songs page.

The CD will be accompanying the book in local stores and gift shops. It will also be available for download here and at online stores.

Mayflower Society House

The “Feel Good” hit of the Spring!

On Saturday, April 27, 2019 “Rockin’ The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” premiered at the historic Mayflower Society House in America’s Hometown Plymouth, MA, just up the hill from Plymouth Rock. April showers usually bring May flowers and the morning it started out that way but the afternoon rain held off to the delight of author Diane Finn, illustrator Erin Finn Zell and composer Candido Bretto. Mrs. Finn narrated the rock’s story and Mr. Bretto’s music seamlessly weaved its way in and out with uptempo numbers like “Fine Day” and “Madame Crab“.

A talking rock? Surely you jest.

The Mayflower Society House presentsNo joke its true! In fact it sings too.Mayflower Society House Plymouth And this summer when the rock sings it will sound like 28 Plymouth children’s voices as we’re creating a music cd featuring their voices this and next Saturday.

It was a small gathering at the Mayflower Society House but they had fun! They tapped their feet and clapped their hands to the Caribbean beat of Mr. Seagull, the lilt of “Sights and Sounds of the Sea“, the rhythm of “Ouch Stop That“, and the beat of “Protect This Rock” and 9 more as Finn spoke and Bretto sang. The children in the audience were mesmerized as Candido was his usual animated self. Together he and Diane are on a mission to delight the hearts of children worldwide with a special rock’s story of innovation, exploration, survival and thanksgiving. “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” is set to become a classic on the list of Early American based children’s music.

Mayflower Society HouseThe author told (from “the rock’s” perspective) Mayflower Society House debut.of the “Landing of the Pilgrims” in 1620 as well as the some of the activities of the colonists up until 1920. The rock recalled how special it felt the day in 1920 it was given a “New and Wonderful Home“. You can see Plymouth Rock from the porch in the photo.”

blank“It felt very special toThe Mayflower House - Diane Finn sing those songs in that historic place knowing what it represents. They were a joy to write and I am happy to be able to share Plymouth Rock’s story with the world in this way.”

Happy Forefather’s Day!

Plymouth Rock News you can use. Today is Forefather’s Day in Plymouth MA and below is a link to a video created by Hawk Visuals that was shot at 5:30AM this morning. The event is an annual tradition of Plymouth Old Colony Club celebrating the arrival of the Pilgrims on December 22, 1620. The POC was formed in 1769. Happy Forefather’s Day America! Enjoy!

Forefathers Day Plymouth MA
Forefather’s Day Plymouth MA with Plymouth Rock in the background.

See video.

Behind The Scenes

Have You Ever Visited Me?

Plymouth Rock News you can use. Johnny Drama and his Funky Entourage are getting ready for the 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Pilgrims Celebration. Check out this Behind The Scenes recording of a rehearsal of Drama singing with his sister Elizabeth (Lee Lee) Alves, the Theme Song of the book “Have You Ever Visited Me?”

Protect This Rock

Here’s another Behind The Scenes rehearsal. This time it’s of Song #10 “Protect This Rock” sung by everybody in Drama’s Funk Lab including a guest star. Can you guess who she is?

Note: At this point in the book the Town Fathers of Plymouth MA make the decision to protect Plymouth Rock from souvenir hunters.

Karaoke video of Plymouth Rock song

Plymouth Rock News you can use. Presenting our first Plymouth Rock karaoke video! We intend to create more karaoke videos as we go along. “Have You Ever Visited Me” (sung by the Rock itself) is the theme song of “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock”.

I’ve never made a karaoke video before. How did I do?

Plymouth Rock tells the story of the Arrival of the Pilgrims in The Secrets of Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock Karaoke Video

The karoake video can help children to more quickly learn the words to the songs. If you would like us to make a karaoke video of a particular song from the show please let us know. We hope you’ll share this page on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. When you do you’ll help 3rd grade children from sea to shining sea rock their knowledge of Plymouth Rock while rockin’ a karaoke video.